The Team

Our Team are highly skilled and enthusiastic.

They all have Generalist Safeguarding and food hygiene training (updated in house yearly).

The majority of staff hold paediatric first aid training and we have one oral health officer.

We ensure staff are aware of changes to legislation and frequently update and refresh knowledge in monthly staff meetings.

We encourage staff to follow interests and attend coursed he help further their knowledge.

01 Not Really Staff

Mandy Lodge Deputy Manager
Designated Safeguard Lead,
Safer Recruitment, PFA

02 Not really staff

Molly Harris The Nursery School Leader
DSL, Oral Health Officer, PFA

03 Not really staff

Clare Pridmore
Nursery 1 Area Leader PFA

04 Not really staff

Christine Mincer
Nursery School 4 Practitioner,
Mental Health First Aider

05 Not really staff

Holly Cashman

07 Not really staff

Chloe Cantwell

06 Not really staff

Tine Hanks

08 Not really staff

Sophie Harrison

09 Not really staff

Tine Hanks