Community Bonding

Working within the community together with other trips out of the nursery

Trips to the Librany, Book shop, Care Home, Aldi, CoOp, Market, Theatre, Town Hall, Park, Pool Meadow, Banbury Road Woods, Doctors and Hospital, Vets and War Memorial.

All trips are planned, following the written policy for outings, first aider and bag are always present.

Children wear their Hi-Vis jackets and walk holding hands with their partner, or in pushchairs.

We are very lucky with our location in the town, we can take the children out on carefully planned adventures.

The children thrive when they are out and exploring the world outside nursery helping
the children:

  • Feel more rooted in their community
  • Make connections with the outside world
  • Provide rich learning experiences
  • Hands on interactive experiences -
  • Building on what children already know
  • Stimulate curiosity and inspire new interests Social skills and confidence
  • Promote healthy living (walking and enjoyment of natural environment)