Meals, Menu & Snacks

These are a social part of each session. The children sit and eat all meals and snacks together with the staff.

Our snacks and meals arrive freshly prepared form the kitchen daily. This children will prepare their own snack plate, spreading the butter or choosing their fruit.

Each child has funded milk for their breakfast and snacks. This is poured by the child from small china jugs.

Developing their self-help skill and hand eye coordination.

The children are encouraged to help clear the table after meal times, returning plates and cutlery to their kitchen. The children delight in doing these simple tasks.

As they progress through the nursery, they become more independent and eventually by the time they are in NS4 they are loading and unloading the dishwasher.

Meals are freshly prepared daily and all dietary requirements are catered for.

The staff who prepare food all have valid food hygiene certificates arid we have regular in-house training sessions.

You must inform us of all medical and dietary requirements before your child starts with us.

We have a 5-star hygiene rating from OCC